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» [10 Apr 2019] » Dr. Xiaomeng Gao receives the Best Young Professional Paper Award at WAMICON2019
» [01 Feb 2019] » DART Lab to Advance to Phase 3 of the DARPA SPAR Program
» [23 May 2018] » Songjie Defended his PhD Degree
» [20 Jan 2018] » DART Lab to Advance to Phase 2 of the DARPA SPAR Program
» [07 Mar 2017] » DART Lab Awarded NSF STTR Phase II Project on Developing a Radar-based Wearable Heart Health Monitoring Device
» [08 Nov 2016] » DART Lab to Participate in DARPA SPAR program

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Welcome to the Davis Advanced RF Technologies (DART) lab

Maker Fair RF-MEMS Drone RF-MEMS Prof. Liu Oscillator

We are a group of researchers with a keen interest in many exciting areas of high-frequency and high-speed electronics. Our research interests include:

Critical to our scientific research efforts is a pursuit of fundamental understanding of the engineering principles of high frequency electronics. A major mission of our work is to formulate and disseminate such understanding through university education as well as community outreach.


[23 Oct 2018] » High-Efficiency mmW/THz Oscillator Designs - 3: Synthesizing an Oscillator from the Complex Voltage Gain A

Before we reveal more issues with Vehovec’s and Spence’s design approaches, let’s talk a little bit about how the last figure of the last post was generated, i.e. how we simulated the oscillator output power given a complex voltage gain $A$.

Using the following figure as a starting point, we note that in equilibrium, the circuit is governed by the Kirchoff’s current law, that is

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